BtcTurk’s 210,000 USD contribution to COPA

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3 min readJul 21, 2022

BtcTurk, the exchange with around 5 million users that first introduced Turkey to Bitcoin, has joined COPA and will provide it with 210,000 USD in funding. COPA members have formed an open patent agreement to aid the sector. With this contribution, BtcTurk is supporting the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

BtcTurk, a secure and convenient platform for Turkish Bitcoin and cryptocurrency traders, has made a 210,000 USD payment to COPA (The Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance) — a non-profit organization which aims to encourage the development and adoption of cryptocurrency technologies. COPA conceives of patents as an obstacle to innovation in the sector and seeks to abolish them, favoring a communal approach to intellectual property. It recognises that the development of cryptocurrency technologies requires a strong network of developers, engineers and designers on a micro level.

COPA provides its members with a clear strategy to prevent patents restricting key cryptocurrency innovation. It seeks to prevent opportunistic actors from using patents to threaten the development and free availability of cryptocurrency technologies. The organisation was founded by Jack Dorsey’s Block in 2020.

BtcTurk joins an elite collective of COPA supporters

BtcTurk has become a platinum member of COPA, joining Meta, Quarius, Coinbase, Block and Microstrategy. In doing this, BtcTurk is actively contributing to the progress of the crypto world at a corporate level. At the same time, it is supporting individuals, developers, community groups and new companies those have just entered the world of cryptocurrency.

BtcTurk Chief Legal Counsel, Ayça Aktolga Öztürk said that: “In order to protect the industry’s foundations and developers of crypto asset technologies, we believe that we need to stand against patent trolls — who maliciously use trademark-patent legislation and take advantage of the situation by using this legislative protection as leverage. We were thrilled to hear about COPA’s approach to the issue and were excited to provide support to the organisation and ecosystem as a whole. In this way, we wanted to bring back the contribution of the crypto-asset ecosystem, of which we are a stakeholder, to the crypto-asset ecosystem.”

Özgür Güneri, CEO of BtcTurk noted that BtcTurk continues to add value to the industry and provide the finest service to around 5 million users with its new generation service approach. He explained that: “We are always thinking about the industry’s future and how we can facilitate its global development. In searching for ways to improve and fortify the ecosystem, we have decided to contribute 210 thousand USD to help with COPA’s work, which plays a crucial role in protecting cryptocurrency technologies and fostering innovation, especially in Bitcoin. In addition to this funding, we will cooperate with COPA in their judicial processes and other aspects of its initiative. We will be open to requests from COPA in the coming days and will continue to support the action it takes against those who use trademark-patent legislation in bad faith.