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2 min readApr 16, 2021

Uniswap was developed by Hayden Adams in 2018 as a clearing and liquidity platform to allows the exchange of Ethereum and ERC-20 digital assets on the Ethereum platform

UNI, the digital asset of the platform, was launched on 16 September 2020 via an airdrop

One billion UNI has been produced on the Ethereum platform for the project — this total supply will stay fixed for four years. 450 million UNI was set aside to be distributed to liquidity providers

150 million UNI was given away, free of charge, to people active on the Uniswap platform before 1 September 2020

Over the four-year period, 660,000 will be allocated to the development team, 180,440,000 to investors and 6,900,000 UNI to project consultants

Once the four-year deployment period ends, the total supply of UNI will increase by 2% each year

Thanks to Uniswap’s automatic smart contract-based liquidity provider protocol, all transactions take place on the Ethereum blockchain. While the user switches their asset with the smart contract, the paired asset is sent to the their wallet

By adding Ethereum and ERC-20 digital assets to Uniswap liquidity pools, users can earn UNI from the swaps they’ve made within in the pool

Historically, the lowest price of UNI was $1.03 (17 September 2020). The highest price was $35.48 (22 March 2021)

Transactions carried out on the Uniswap platform are processed for a 0.3% transaction fee. However, because transactions take place on the Ethereum blockchain, contributors will need to pay GAS and Ethereum fees too’

You can visit the Uniswap website at

You can access the Uniswap (UNI) smart contract, created on the Ethereum platform, at

You can access the Uniswap whitepaper at

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