What is Flow (FLOW)? How does it Work?

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2 min readOct 24, 2022

The Flow network was developed by the Dapper Labs team. Founders of the Flow network’s are Roham Gharegozlou, Dieter Shirley and Mikhael Naayem. Flow network is a layer 1 solution that is designed for decentralized applications (dApp), NFTs, games. Flow aims to provide digital infrastructure for next-generation games and applications. Flow’s native token is FLOW. In this article, you can find answers to the questions of what Flow (FLOW) is, how does Flow (FLOW) work, how to get Flow (FLOW) and how to trade FLOW/TRY and FLOW/USDT trading pairs.

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What is Flow (FLOW)?

How Flow (FLOW) Works

How to Store Flow (FLOW)?

How to Buy and Sell Flow (FLOW)?

What is Flow (FLOW)? How does it work?

Flow is a layer 1 solution that provides a digital infrastructure to project developers for next-generation games and applications. It is possible to develop applications over the Flow network. The Flow ecosystem works with many partners and brands such as Warner Music, Ubisoft, NBA, UFC, which are globally known in different sectors.

Smart contracts in the Flow network are developed with Cadence programming language. The Flow network works with the Proof of Stake protocol.

The developer of the Flow blockchain is Dapper Labs. Dapper Labs is also the team behind projects such as NBA Top Shot and Cryptokitties. The Flow network originated in 2020 in Vancouver, Canada.

The native token of the Flow network is FLOW. The FLOW token is used to run applications in the Flow network. FLOW is used as a payment method for transactions carried out on the network. FLOW is used for payments made to use smart contracts, create new accounts, purchase storage space.

The FLOW token is also used to join the Flow network and earn rewards on the network. FLOW tokens need to be staked to be validator on the Flow network working with the Proof of Stake protocol. Users who verify transactions get FLOW tokens as a reward.

The total supply of FLOW tokens is capped at 1,359,340,091 units.

You can reach Flow’s website at https://flow.com/

You can access the white paper where you can find all the basic and technical information about the Flow network at https://flow.com/technical-paper

How to Store Flow (FLOW)?

Flow’s native token FLOW is generated on the Flow network. You can manage your FLOW balances with desktop, mobile and hardware wallets that support Flow assets.

How to Buy and Sell Flow (FLOW)?

You can use the BtcTurk | PRO mobile application or web site to buy and sell Flow (FLOW) with Turkish Lira and Tether. If you are not a member of BtcTurk, you can become a member immediately from our website or mobile application and start trading Flow (FLOW) by sending Turkish lira 24/7 with 7 contracted banks.