What is Gala (GALA)? How does it work?

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2 min readJan 23, 2023

Gala is a blockchain based gaming platform. It produces PC/Mac and web-based games that promise entertainment, ownership, and interaction to users, with the motto “makes blockchain games you really want to play”. Gala also offers users a marketplace where they can buy and sell NFT-based in-game items.

How does Gala (GALA) work?

Gala develops games in various categories for players. You can purchase these games on Gala’s web-based game platform or access free / trial versions from the Gala web application. You can open a free player account in the Gala web application to access the games. You can access in-game products from the Store section of the Gala web application. In order to purchase in-game items or game characters on sale, you must set up an Ethereum based wallet in the Gala web application and transfer GALA and ETH to your account.

By purchasing a Gala Node License to support the Gala network, you can run the Gala Node, thereby earning additional income from transactions on the network and having the opportunity to have NFTs to be distributed as rewards.

The maximum supply of GALA is limited to 50,000,000,000 GALA.

How to Store Gala (GALA)?

Blockchain-based gaming platform Gala’s crypto asset GALA is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Desktop, mobile and hardware wallets supporting ERC20-based crypto assets on the Ethereum blockchain can be used to manage the GALA balance.

In order to purchase in-game products on the Gala web-based application, you must be a member of the platform and create your Ethereum based wallet. The platform does not currently support external wallet connection. You can purchase in-game items with your GALA and ETH balance that you will transfer to your Gala application account.

How to Buy and Sell Gala (GALA)

You can use BtcTurk | PRO website or BtcTurk | PRO mobile application to buy and sell Gala (GALA) with Turkish lira and Tether. If you haven’t been registered yet to BtcTurk, you can become a member immediately from our website or mobile application, and buy Gala (GALA) by sending Turkish lira 24/7 with 7 contracted banks.

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